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Double Major and Minor

Double Major and Minor


Undergraduate Engineering students may simulaneously study in two different degree programs by satisfying the academic achievement requirements and by consent of Faculty Administarative Board.


Undergraduate Özyeğin University students may take a limited number of courses offered at OzU by another Undergraduate program in a specific field of interest in order to receive a double minor certificate, which does not substitute for a diploma, provided that they satisfy the necessary academic achievement requirements in their undergraduate programs and by consent of Faculty Administarative Board.
In order to receive a double minor certificate, the below requirements must be satisfied.


Required Courses for Minor (8 in total)

MATH 211

Linear Algebra

MATH 215

Probability and Random Variables

MATH 216

Applied Statistics

IE 246

Programming for Operations Research

IE 302

Productions Systems Analysis

IE 201

Operations Research I

IE 301

Operations Research II

IE 325

Simulation Modelling and Analysis

One of the following courses

IE 343

Mathematical Modelling and Heuristic Methods

IE 342

Mathematical Modelling and Exact Methods

1. Students who started minoring before the Fall 2018 semester and those who have taken or will take IE elective courses before the 2020-2021 academic year are exempt from IE 246.