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Dept. Chair of Industrial Engineering

Dept. Chair of Industrial Engineering


Industrial Engineering is an engineering discipline centered on the design, implementation, operation, and improvement of systems that integrate human, information, material, equipment, energy, and financial resources. Industrial engineers strive to enhance system efficiency and optimize processes. At the Özyeğin University Industrial Engineering Department, we offer a top notch industrial engineering education through a robust cadre of faculty, who boast extensive sectoral and international experience, and actively stay abreast of the latest developments in the field through their continuous academic research.

In addition to fundamental industrial engineering courses such as optimization, simulation, and production systems analysis, we offer an enriched curriculum with elective courses that enable our students to also specialize in other disciplines such as finance, logistics, operations management, data science, and decision support systems. Furthermore, through the coding and algorithm design courses in our curriculum, we endeavor to prepare our students as the most sought-after industrial engineers in the industry.

Equipped with analytical skills they acquired during their undergraduate studies, our graduates find employment in a diverse range of sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, finance, telecommunications, and software, where they develop creative solutions for current problems that exist in their respective industry. In addition, our alumni continue their education at the master's and doctoral levels at both national and international institutions, actively pursuing their academic dreams.